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This access agreement is not an application form to subscribe for interests in or shares of any funds. The information provided should not be construed as financial or investment advice on any subject matter. The team at Third Point Real Estate Strategies LLC, through its affiliate advisor Third Point Private CRE Credit LLC (collectively "TPRES") manages CRE debt.


The funds described in this website or portal have not been registered under the federal securities laws of the United States, the securities laws of any state, or the laws of any other jurisdiction. This website or portal shall not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase shares of any fund in any jurisdiction. Such an offer may only be made by the private placement memorandum for the fund, and only to investors who meet certain eligibility requirements.


In consideration of being permitted access to this website and portal and the opportunity to obtain username and password granting access to protected portions of this website, the user hereby acknowledges having read this Agreement and agrees to be bound by its terms and conditions. Subsequent use of any username and password shall be deemed to constitute full acceptance by the user of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. As a condition to this authorization, the user agrees that any copy which he or she makes shall retain all copyright and other proprietary notices contained herein, and that any other use or copying of information or documents published on this website or portal without prior written approval from TPRES is strictly prohibited. Except where otherwise indicated herein, the information contained in the website or portal is based on matters as they exist as of the date of preparation and not as of any future date, and may not be updated or otherwise revised to reflect information that subsequently becomes available, or circumstances existing or changes occurring after the date thereof.


The information contained on the portal should be considered confidential and may not be reproduced in whole or in part, and may not be circulated or redelivered to any person without the prior written consent of TPRES.

If you are a prospective investor and you would like to request access to the due diligence portal, please review our Access Agreement below and contact our investor relations.


If you are an existing Partner, you can access the UMB FastPro portal via the link below by using your assigned Username and Password. Please refer to our Access Agreement below or contact us if you require assistance.

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